Growth is no coincidence

We are an incubator and a catalyst for those who want to create a prosperous and growing innovative company. Our business and business coaches give you what you need to become a successful entrepreneur.

If you’re accepted into the Inkubera portfolio, you and your business will also gain access to our entire network of experts, advisors, investors, and not least – other entrepreneurs with invaluable energy, knowledge and experience. During the last five years we’ve helped develop more than 40 innovations that have created more than 75 new jobs. The companies currently have sales of nearly 100 million SEK. Our focus and our mission is clear – we’re investing in the very best innovations with the most driven people, working closely with them to develop innovative sustainable growth in our region.

Together with the region, we’re investing in companies without taking ownership. Every year we accept around 15 companies into our business. The companies we select and who choose to work with us have access to our services, including a number of essential tools for success.